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Ready for the segway experience !

Are you ready to live a new experience ?

Initially , you were supposed to have fun on tree top high wire on Wednesday  but as the park is not open yet , you’ll ride  Gyropode Segway instead . Sure you gonna love it . Till then , take care .


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Final countdown

You will be with us very soon and we are looking forward to seeing you all again.

The weather here is quite nice but chilly in the morning . Afternoons are sunny and mild…. let’s keep our fingers crossed!!!!!

You should take sensible shoes and a rain coat however as we don’t know what’s in store for next week.

For the party and especially the welcome party, just take or wear something with the right letter, the funnier, the better………….

We’ll be going to Sedan a mideval castle nearby and will have a guided tour in English.

On Tuesday, you will learn to cook pancakes and puffed pastry and to prepare cocktails with the teachers of our catering unit. There will be a buffet with spercialities from all the countries………………

On Wednesday, you will go to an adventure park near a lake not very far from the school – bring sneakers or sports shoes-

The show will be on Wednesday night. Hope you are ready– We are not really ready yet but I’m sure it will be great fun and before great stress for everyone of us.

On Thurday, you will go to Brussels – ther will be a treasure hunt in the city centre and then some free time- don’t forget to taste Brussels waffles they are excellent!!!!! In the afternoon, you will go to the European Parliament and you will be able to ask questions on youth, education etc…………..

On Friday, you will go for a walk in the woods with some teachers while your teachers brainstorm on the project !!!!!

In the afternoon, ther will be a futsal tournament and table tennis tournament. If you want to organize teams…..do it even if you are not excellent… the important thing is to participate as Pierre de Coubertin said.

Finally there will be a Farewell party in the evening  till 23.00

Your hosts are really impatient to see you and have prepared activities

See you soon and get ready to have fun together


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The castle of Sedan


This castle is located in Sedan, the second biggest town in the Ardennes which is 15 kilometers away from Charleville-Mezieres. It has been built in 1424 by Eberhard II von der Mark and reinforced in 1530.

The castle was owned by the French army for more than three centuries. In 1962, the town of Sedan bought it back at the symbolic price of one Franc (6.56 Francs equals 1 Euro).

Today, the castle is opened to visits and includes a museum, which is, in part, dedicated to the war of 1870.

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Hello Everyone !!!

We wish you a happy New Year !!!

Unfortunately, our new school won’t be finished before you arrive because of the bad weather conditions. We’ll have to welcome you in the old school. It won’t change anything since we’ll use our new gymnasium and you’ll be able to see some parts of the school getting constructed. We are planning everything and preparing activities for you and we just hope that we ‘ll have great fun together.


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What does the fox say?

He says that we had fun on the Monk island as the improvisations were really great. There was the new Mrs Sarfati on the island, a photographer, a playboy  and his “bails” and a lost sailor looking for the best way to go home.

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We had a great time together

The walk to the lake and the Norwegian barbecue were great- but sorry- even you Norwegian style KitKats ! We were not ready to follow Pierre’s host though!

and here are the links to the  two of the videos we made together

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TMRsscIOMI&feature=youtu.be : interview of an artist

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFmw1DxxRCs&feature=youtu.be : interview of a homosexual person