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Thank you Maximilien !!!! and Congratulations for your Baccalauréat



Maximilien passed his exam with merit but still had time to edit  two videos.

The first is about the mobility in France, with lots of photos and videos  and the second is about the show itself.

I hope you’ll enjoy them and that they will remind you all the good time we had together

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sMvvItUAH0  (show)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrA2oLsLR6o  (stay in Revin)


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Happy summer holidays to you all



Exams are finished and most of us graduated often with merit and we are so proud but also so sad to say goodbye to our school and our friends. We had a fantastic time and we made great friends . It’ so difficult to say goodbye.

But now it’s time to enjoy our holidays

Hope to see you soon,

Happy holidays to you all See you in Norway

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happy memories

Just a few pictures to remember the week we spent together. We all had fun with the segway round the lake, the visit to Brussels and our final show which was naturally far from perfect but according to parents and teachers there very good. You are now safely back home andhopefully less tired than when you left.

Please send us your photos or videos, we’d love it !!!